Tracey and Sarah offer a good knowledge of breed styles and standards, they also offer sensible suggestions about customising styles to suit your dogs lifestyle and your ability to maintain the coat between each visit.

They strive to provide a high standard of work which will take into consideration your wishes but which is also compatible with the condition and type of coat your dog has.

They have an understanding of health issues which is used to spot obvious health problems such as skin disorders and infections and will advise you to seek veterinary attention if necessary. Please let them know if your dog has any existing medical conditions.

They can provide free advice on caring for your dogs coat at home, brushing techniques and the best equipment to use.

Nail clipping and ear cleaning are included in the grooming price, or can be provided as a separate item for a nominal fee…

If your dog has a matted, tangled or knotted coat this can hide infestations and skin problems. The grooming process will take much longer, your dog may become stressed and the cost of grooming will increase.

Most breeds with coat require grooming every six to eight weeks. But even short coats benefit from a ‘wash and brush up’ occasionally to remove built up grime and dirt.

When dropping off your dog, do so quickly and without emotion so that your pet can see that there is nothing to worry about, if you become emotional they will start worrying what is going to happen to them.

We recommend that you rebook your appointment when collecting your dog to ensure the time and date that you require is available. Please remember appointments are precious and cancellation with less then 48 hours notice or failure to arrive will result in a charge.

Dogs are living creatures and do not always understand that clippers and scissors are sharp, every possible care and attention is taken whilst your pet is in our care, minor injuries are rare but they do happen occasionally.

For appointments call: 01234 365601

Canine Partners

Canine Partners is a progressive charity which aims to transform the lives of people with disabilities enabling them to lead more independent lives by providing them with highly trained assistance dogs.

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